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FTM Stroker KissX for Trans Men - clear


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The KissX by Buck Angel products. The KissX is specifically designed for the trans man not in medical transition, OR who may be early on in their HRT. (As opposed to the original Buck-Off, which was designed for Trans Men well into their transition, and Sis Men with small penises),

This new, snugger fit version also has a different shape at the base. The KISS-X is a purposefully designed, closed end suction stroker, that fits over the clitoris, while maintaining the style and benefits of the original Buck-Off; just a little tighter for those with less (or early) Bottom Growth.

It is also recommended to use a clit pump before fitting a FTM stroker, for a tighter fit, more depth and higher sensations - all due to the increased blood flow to the area. Click HERE to see our clit pumps.

Users that enjoyed the Buck-Off may also enjoy the tighter fit of the KISS-X.

Made of SilaSkin™ The soft and sensual material makes both the KISS-X and Buck-Off pliable and pleasant to the touch. 

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