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Claw Hook Mouth Spreader

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Claw Hook Mouth Spreader by Strict Toys. Pry that slut's mouth open with this formidable mouth spreader device! Place the rounded tips in either side of their mouth and then adjust the strap until their lips are pulled tight. Their vulnerability and humiliation will fuel your arousal. A locking buckle allows you to trap them in the vice, leaving their mouth open for whatever invasion your devious mind can think up! Treat yourself a sweet desperation from your lover. 

Measurements: Each claw is 2.4 inches in length and the forks are 1 inch apart, strap measures 12.5 inches in length. 
Material: PU leather, metal. 
Color: Black. 
Note: Lock not included.

Shhh... does not condone or encourage sexual violence toward women, or men. Comments regarding sexual acts are made in the context of sex play only and with consenting partners.  

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