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Combo package C2 Love queening chair & domed sex pillow

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Combination package of a love chair and a domed sex pillow, both from Toughage. Great value. You get:
1. Standard Toughage sex & queening chair (no handles). Load capacity 120kg. Strong metal frame with split seat webbing, allowing easy 'access' from underneath!
2. Toughage domed inflatable Sex Pillow, for all sex positions, with a top 5cm hole for inserting a dildo or vibrator. (For more sex pillows, see our specific Sex Pillows category). 

Delivery time: This is a specialist type product, not locally available in Australia - please allow approximately 2-2½ weeks for free delivery to your door. 

The love chair allows for all sorts of fun. It is a very safe and stable product. The split webbing of the seat allows for penetrative or oral access from the top or underneath. For sex with a partner it can be used in various ways, including for penetration or queening. Matched with the domed sex pillow, a dildo can be inserted into the pillow and then slid underneath the love seat, for great solo fun. Or, use it with one of Shhh...s fully adjustable electric sex machines. The support of the seat webbing allows you to ride up and down with less leg fatigue. Used with a partner, the chair allows one person to sit on top and be taken by a partner from underneath. Sit on top and be eaten or toyed by someone from underneath. Males can lie face down over the seat & orally penetrate someone underneath, or receive milking attention. The love chair is also a great bit of kit for disabled people or those with reduced mobility to enjoy safe, solo fun, or to enable easier sex with their partner. Being of only metal and fabric, the chair is water resistant, so it can be used in the shower too, for fun &/or medical reasons. Also a very suitable device for medical fetish and enema play.

The sex pillow is great for enabling different sex positions; for example, laying face down with the pillow under your stomach pushes your rear end up - offering easy penetration, oral or exploratory access to your partner behind in a kneeling position. The 5cm diameter dildo sleeve in the top allows you to use your sex toys handsfree!

Product reference: TOUGHAGE Sex Chair Adult Sex Furniture Free delivery Australia New Zealand free shipping With Inflatable Sex Pillow Cushion Sex Toys For Woman

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