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Female breast vest with liquid silicone filler 3 cup sizes

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Female breast vest for cross dressing with realistic, soft to the touch breasts in 3 cup sizes and 6 skin tones. Available with liquid silicone breasts or cotton filled breasts.

Both versions have a realistic feel and appearance. The cotton filled vest is slightly lighter & less expensive, while the liquid silicone filled breasts are heavier and more expensive, but provide more lifelike feedback when handled. (Halter top in pictures not included)

Cup sizes: C, D, E - For vest measurements refer to chart.

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Perfect anatomical reproduction of female breasts, formed in an easy to wear sleeveless silicone vest with high neck. Made of high quality medical silicone, non-allergenic, skin-friendly, odourless, soft with with a lifelike touch. High elasticity; the material can be stretched without any damage to the material, ensuring a tight snug fit. 

6 skin tones. Choose your tone, then select your size according to the chart, and finally decide on cotton filling or liquid silicone.

Putting the vest on: It is crucial to use a layer of talcum rubbed over the skin before you start, to ease the process and allow the silicone to slip. If talc is not used, the vest is at risk of being torn. The vest should be bunched up and gradually pulled down over the head. Do not try to drag the vest down by pulling only on the bottom like a t-shirt. Avoid wearing jewellery or body piercings with the suit. Sharp objects can tear silicone easily. 

Clean the product by hand in lukewarm water with mild soap, Do not use disinfectants or cleaning chemicals. Air-dry or towel dry. 
Keep away from hot temperature, sunshine, sharp pointy objects, washing machine, chemicals. 
To avoid discoloration from other clothes, do not wash the product with other clothes.

Important notes:
Medical silicone is easily dye-stained. Therefore, do not wear non-colourfast clothes directly over the silicone. Better to wear light coloured clothing over the top. 
Every product is hand made. Remember to read the instructions carefully before using.

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