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Photography background sheet support stand - 5 sizes

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Photography background sheet support stands.

Telescopic background sheet stands for home portrait photography, available in 5 sizes to suit any commercially available backdrop sheet size, or even something of your own from home such as a bed sheet.

Telescopic frame acheives a range of different heights with wingnut adjusters to lock the frame in position. Light but sturdy aluminium frame, with a solid tripod base. Easily packed away to a compact size.

The frames all come with a number of spring clamps relevant to their size, and the larger frames even include a handy carry bag.

Sizes available:
  50cm wide x   38cm - 68cm high
  83cm wide x   70cm - 200cm high
102cm wide x   58cm - 150cm high
150cm wide x   70cm - 200cm high
200cm wide x   70cm - 200cm high

Delivery note: These background stands come from one of our international suppliers so please allow 13-20 days for free delivery to your door. 

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