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Zeus Radian Erection Harness for electro shock play

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Note: This is an accessory product. It requires the Zeus Power Box Unit - sold separately.

The Zeus Radian Erection Harness snaps around the base of the cock and balls and around the penis, just like any ordinary cock and ball strap used to hold an erection. The only difference is the rows of metal studs through each strap. When plugged in, those metal studs act as the contact points, passing electricity from one strap to the other, leading up to an intense orgasmic experience.

As a bipolar toy, the Radian Erection Harness is fine all on its own. Just hook it up to your power box and you're good to go.

NOTE: Caution must be exercised when using Electro-stim products. See your doctor prior to using Electro-stim if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure or are pregnant. Shhh... takes no responsibility for loss, injury or impairment to customers or their acquaintances through use of electro-stim products purchased from Shhh... 

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